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Today’s Tactics: Ranking YouTube Videos

Over at Visit Metrix we posted an article on how to use basic SEO tactics to rank YouTube videos. It goes into quite a bit of detail on the exact steps needed to get your video showing up on the first page of Google, so now there is no need to buy an expensive package to make that happen.

Give the article a read:
Ranking YouTube Videos

Reputation Defense – Working Within Your Budget

The creation of high quality, original content is the basis for all successful marketing strategies and online reputation management plans. The task of obtaining and posting useful, positive content, however, can be extremely expensive in some cases, and, without a well thought-out plan, it can sometimes even do more harm than good.

Reputation Defense – Using Online Videos

With the millions of users seeking to solve their problems with the help of online streaming video sites, many companies have started seeing this as a great opportunity for enhancing their online reputation defense strategies.