An interesting thing happened with Linklicious

As the dedicated readers of the Humankind blog, you know we do a lot of SEO work. And over time we’ve built up internal tools to help us streamline our optimization work.
A while back we decided to package one of those tools for other SEOs out there and we named it This tool takes all of the heavy duty link building work a good SEO does and packages all those links together so they are easy for Google to find. After all, if Google never sees your hard earned links you can’t get credit. Packaging up this tool was a fun exercise because as an internal tool we could cut a lot of corners with regards to application architecture, but as a packaged tool with a ton of users and millions of links daily, we have to build it the “right way”. We ran into limits at all levels of the app stack – bandwidth, CPU, database, and code – and squashed them.

In any event, all the hard work was very well received and many people are getting great use out of the tool. And we found something the other day that made us smile. In several job postings out there people now list experience with Linklicous as a job requirement. Now this tool is crazy simple to use, but the fact that it has now become such a part of the SEO industry that people are asking for experience with it is awesome.

I love sharing good news like this with the team and enjoy being able to brag a little bit on our blog.