Even though you may have an amazing web site, if you aren’t showing up on the first page of the search results you are effectively invisible. Getting on the first page of the search results is critical in being found by your prospects and customers alike.

We have followed the search trends over the years and constantly evolved our approach to optimization to stay one step ahead.

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Organic Search
Organic search is the foundation of any SEO campaign. Natural search results are the ones which don’t require a payment for every click or impression. These search results help your company become an authority because if Google (or another engine) feels your site is important then you are legitimate.

Local Search
Over the past few years the search engines have put a big focus on delivering search results, with Google claiming that over 20% of searches are for local results. Humankind has a strong local search focus helping just about every business you can think of – car dealers, plumbers, plastic surgeons, and everything in between. Through our specialized and custom built tools, we are typically able to rank a local search client in 2-3 weeks.

Organic Methodology
On page SEO – To properly do on page SEO, we take a wholistic look at the keywords and then determine the site architecture to support that. We then dig into each page to optimize it, taking into account many factors including:

  • Keyword definition and proper density
  • Page structure
  • Linking structure
  • Title and meta tags
  • Link bait

Off page SEO – For keywords with any real competition, off page optimizations will give you the most impact. We have an array of tools to use for this type of optimization including:

  • Article directories and article marketing
  • “Web 2.0” sites
  • Link building
  • Link wheels and pyramids
  • White and Grey Hat techniques

Paid Search
While organic search result is arguably the best listing to have, it can take weeks or months to get there if the phrase is competitive. For instant results you can engage in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that shows your ad when people search. These ads may not be displayed in every search like an organic listing, but you only pay when people click your ad. Costs range from a few cents to several dollars a click, depending on how much your competition is paying.