We do not use a rigid methodology that attempts to jam every project into its many steps.

Every web project shares a few things in common. They all have an initial discovery phase, then the design phase, followed by development, and then finally deployment of the solution. We do not use a rigid methodology that attempts to jam every project into its many steps. Instead we use the four project phases as a guide to make sure the project stays on time, on scope, and within budget.

Our process begins by sitting down together and defining your goals. We identify the main elements of a solution, making certain they address your goals. We then examine each part of the solution, making note of what is required of each part of the task. Finally, we set project milestones that are both aggressive and achievable in order to maintain and measure progress.

During the design phase, we explore creative ways to attack the business challenge. We draw out strategic documents to provide a roadmap for the entire plan. We will work together to make sure you understand the proposed solution, and refine it to meet your expectations.

After the strategic plan is approved, the next step is implementing the solution. This is typically the longest phase in the process, as the building of the project occurs here. During and after development, we take steps to make sure the solution is up to our high quality standards.

After the project has met your approval, we will then deliver the final solution. The method of delivery depends completely on the type of project: for a web site it would mean turning it on, but for a print or a CD piece it would be sending it off to be mass produced. We continue to monitor the project in this phase, assuring the final product meets our initial goals.