Google Mobile Search Results

Just how different is Google’s standard SERP’s from Google’s Mobile SERP’s? What’s the SEO take?

So you are working hard optimizing your site, right? You’ve made your on-page changes, updated meta-descriptions, posted new material to your blog and built enough links to your site to cover it in Medieval Chain Maille. You are out one night with your friends and you decide to check the rankings on your mobile device. “Holy Smokes!”. You’re on page one! Excited as can be, you rush home to check your PC, only to find you are still on page 5. What gives?

We all know that Google uses thousands and thousands (rumored to be millions!) of servers to post data. Is the Google Mobile app on a completely separate set of servers? Does the Google Mobile SERP’s utilize the places feature arbitrarily? There is no clear cut answer but we did see this trend: Google will attempt to institute a ‘places’ feature on it’s own for SERP’s pages for mobile devices that might not normally have one when using a PC. Scuttle-bug amongst the SEO community is that this trend will assist mobile device users in translating the address data from the Places finding into the GPS capabilities of a smart phone.

Don’t get me wrong. Any time finding fruit of your efforts on the front page of Google is reason to cheer, but conventional thought is to ‘verify’ you initial finding in several other sources prior to you restaurant ‘end zone dance’.