Humankind Officially Adding Online Reputation Management Services

We’ve been around the web for over a decade now, and have seen a lot of changes. Man, this industry is enough to make you excited to roll out of bed in the morning, and frustrating enough to have you pulling your hair out by dinner.

As part of being web developers and SEOs, we’ve by default been involved in reputation management this entire time. Of course the meaning and specific tasks have changed a bit over time, but it’s safe to say we know the finer points of the craft.

After working with around 50 clients to support their reputation management challenges, we’ve decided to make it official. From today onward we’ll be offering online reputation management services. This is similar to SEO and indeed shares many of the same tactics. But it’s unique in that our primary goal is to help a company or individual improve their overall image across all channels of communication.

This means we’ll not only work to move a site up in Google, but also improve review scores in Yelp, Yellow Pages, CitySearch, and a dozen other primary/high quality review sites. Ultimately this will lead to a company owning most of the first page of the search results, and showing their prospects/customers a positive view of the company no matter what site is visited.

We look forward to being a part of this industry as it grows. Brand image is critical for a business and this industry is only going to get bigger.