Online Reputation Management Services Provides Detailed, Competitive Reports for Internet Businesses

Online reputation management is still seen by many as a new “industry”, and most beginning online business owners know very little about it and about the importance it has in regards to improving their brand’s image and overcoming their competitors.

In spite of this, however, ORM services are growing in popularity, and their ability to offer clearly superior results in exchange for a highly competitive price has led to many companies around the world becoming very interested in the advantages that they can provide.

How Important Is ORM for Your Business’ Success?

Now, as a business owner, you have to be prepared at all times to deal with a potential crisis that may be caused by negative reviews. The question is: how much of a problem can the lack of an online reputation management plan be, and would it justify hiring an ORM service?

To answer this question, we have to look at a few crucial facts:

  • First of all, according recent studies, more than 90% of consumers trust the recommendation of others and regularly visit review sites for information before buying products or hiring service providers.
  • 87% of a company’s potential customers believe that the CEO’s reputation is closely linked to the company’s reputation.
  • During a period of 5 years, on average, 83% of all companies face at least one reputation crisis that ends up impacting more than 20% of their share price.
  • A single bad customer review can end up impacting 9% of a company’s total revenue.

Based on these facts, we can safely state not only that most companies rely heavily on customer reviews and a clean online reputation in order to avoid stagnation or significant revenue losses, but that basically none of them are safe from the potentially devastating effects that bad reputation can bring.

Keeping an eye on your reputation is, therefore, a critical requirement regardless of your experience or of the type of business you own. However, for business owners, it is extremely difficult to keep track of every piece of information posted about their company, and it can be a real challenge to find the time to cover all the demanding needs that a successful ORM plan would involve.

This is why hiring an ORM service would be the best course of action. An ORM company’s ability to monitor and counteract the many potential threats that an internet business may face can provide online business owners with the great opportunity of eliminating a crisis before it even happens.