Reputation Defense – Making News

One of the most important aspects of reputation defense and management is to create and post content that will captivate the attention of readers as easily as an interesting news bulletin. While there are many ways of achieving this, it can be a daunting task given the number of brands competing for the same niche and the influence that a single negative review can have on the reputation of your entire company.

Focusing on Newsworthy Content

Today, the creation of eye-catching, newsworthy content has become the decisive factor in the improvement of any company’s online reputation. The type of content you write – if timed correctly – has the potential of creating a stirrup that will place more emphasis on the positive properties and accomplishments of your online business.

There are several ways in which this feat can be achieved:

  • Linking your content to an event or a problem that is currently under the spotlight can shed a brighter light on your business and draw more people to your cause.
  • Using your content to focus attention on the contrast between two opposing industry giants or on the accomplishments of a well-known industry figure will also draw more interest in your company.
  • Adding unusual, entertaining, inspirational or even humorous facts to your content will make it more “colorful”, gaining the approval of a more diverse audience.

Keeping in Touch with Your Customers

While the way in which you present your content is crucial, it is even more important to be constantly aware of the needs and requirements of your customers. Some companies have very poor customer support and focus solely on improving their services of products; however, they lack the necessary insight on what people are searching for exactly.

A good way of forming a stronger bond with your customers is by posting comments and information on various news sites, review sites, blogs, forums and social media sites in areas closely associated to the products or services you have to offer.

Also, creating online videos and responding to video reviews can be a great asset, as it will make your company seem more actively engaged in solving the problems presented by customers who are not fully satisfied with what you have provided.

The concept behind these actions is to create a community where your clients can feel comfortable in discussing any aspect related to your business. By making yourself available in such a way, you will not only improve your online reputation, but also create a trust bond that can influence people to recommend your company even to their close friends and relatives.

Where to Post Your Content

Numerous companies spend time creating websites and blogs and using a promotion strategy based solely on SEO for making their brand noticed on the online market. There are better and easier ways of achieving the same results.

Social media and social bookmarking sites already have an exceptionally high PR, and can act as a launching ramp for the newsworthy content you wish to promote. By posting on these types of sites, you have a much better chance of getting your positive content to outrank any negative reviews or posts that others may have written about your services.

Also, creating a weekly newsletter and a video campaign where you can post new resources and content on a regular basis will shape your reputation to make people see that your company’s policy is clearly geared towards offering genuine assistance in any area of interest.

It is clear to see that there is far more to improving a brand’s online reputation than the actual creation of high quality, original content. Today, the competition for internet recognition is far more pronounced than it was in the past, and as a result, improved methods are also called for.