SEO Team or SEO Superstar??

Which would you rather hire? The guy that is an SEO savant? The company offering a team of SEO specialists? Both? Which is better for you in the long run?

Here’s our thought: Definitely not both!

A good ‘best practice’ policy to follow is that you never want more than one agency ramping up your SEO efforts. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are hiring competing firms for separate, non-competing websites in which you manage. Then it can be fun!

But the original question stands: The lone wolf or the dream team? Consider this……

The one-man SEO show:

PROS: He will likely cost you less than hiring a team.

CONS: All of your SEO eggs are in one basket. What if your guy drops off the face of the Earth? (in all fairness, an SEO company could face the same fate, but we’re running the odds) Takes a vacation? Gets sick? Do you really want your SEO campaign to match one man’s schedule? Also, one man CANNOT perform optimum website SEO himself, leaving spotty link building in his wake.

The SEO Team:

PROS: Hiring a company with a team gives you the ‘two heads are better than one’ approach. Maximum optimization can be realized when the team implements an assembly line process to building links. SEO firms are far more likely to use proprietary in-house systems for off-page SEO strategies, making results more predictable. A well run team is always more trustworthy and reliable than any one person.

CONS: The team concept will likely cost more than a single optimizer.

Just like with anything else, you get exactly what you pay for.