The “Big Rocks” First (Part 2)

In terms of optimizing your website, you want to consider the “Big Rocks” first.

It is easy to be consumed by the multitude of keyword phrases for which your website might be relevant. Sometimes these phrases might be for one of many products you are selling, like ‘New Widget model 335C’, or maybe the keyword phrase is a vanity phrase, like ‘best CPA in Houston Texas’. These keyword phrases might seem important, but the search volume for phrases like these can be much lower than you think. Planting your optimization tree here will not bear much fruit at all.

Instead, focus on the “Big Rocks” first. These big rocks are the keyword phrases relevant to your business that are searched the most. If you have a phrase searched 10,000 times per month and no other phrase relevant to your business comes close, then that my friends is a BIG ROCK! Focus your efforts there and with a few other big rocks, and soon you will see the little rocks begin to follow suit.

“But why?”, you ask. “Why would I begin to rank higher on Google for ‘New Widget model 335C’ if I am not specifically targeting that keyword phrase”?

The answer is easily explained. It is……….

Tune in next week boys and girls. Same bat time, Same bat channel.