The “Big Rocks” First (Part 3)

So it has taken me a little longer than a week to post the conclusion to the “big rocks” post. (Thank you Rachel for the reminder)

We left off with: “But why?”, you ask. “Why would I begin to rank higher on Google for ‘New Widget model 335C’ if I am not specifically targeting that keyword phrase”?

Google will establish importance to all websites, and websites deemed more important by Google will receive more visits from Google checking out the goods and services offered on said website. Plus, not only does Google return more often to ‘important’ sites, but they stay on the site longer, giving their ‘bots’ more time to rifle through your site collecting data.


When someone out in the world searches for the new “Super Gadget 8G”, Google will recall crawling data pertaining to the “Super Gadget 8G” on an important website. YOUR WEBSITE!! Even though you are not specifically optimized for “Super Gadget 8g”, Google still makes the connection and conspicuously displays to the Google user the page of your website where the search data is found. Voila! The secondary benefit of ‘big rocks’ ranking! Taking care of the big rocks first helps your website gain a clear focus on the direction of your web presence. Do this and Google will help pick up the crumbs for you!