Your Company Name Should Not Always Be Your URL

When you are in business for yourself, you take an immense amount of pride in your company name – as you should! This is the basis from which your brand is born. You have put tons of thought into your name, and now that you are happy with it you want to proclaim it to the world! Promote your brand everywhere……except maybe your website URL.

If your brand name is not a true “brand” name, household name, or a name that has a lot of street recognition, then your URL should be determined by the only entity that matters online: Google.

Say you have decided to open physical therapy clinic in Atlanta. You, Dr. Jones, have decided to name the clinic ‘Dr. Jones Clinic’ and have followed suit with most new start-ups by naming your URL Makes sense right? WRONG!

According to Google, the keyword ‘Atlanta Physical Therapy’ is searched almost 3,000 times per month. And since Google loves to rank websites at the top of page one with an exact URL match to the keyword searched, is the best choice for your new clinic. If that name is already taken, try adding dashes between each word or even adding an additional word to the front or back of the target phrase, like The URL can be as long and drawn out as needed because nobody will ever type it into the address bar. It will only be clicked from the front page search results of Google.

Don’t worry, you can still have and even add it to your advertising media for branding, just be sure to point it to your aptly named website.

Good selling….