Your Keyword Anchor Value for SEO

Everyone knows the value of high quality links to a site and how important that the anchor text can be. In the past all you had to do was blast a gazillion links with your desired keyword and you’d rank. But there is more to it…

Over the years Google has constantly improved their algorithms and incorporated new methods to improve search results. And when they saw anchor text being abused they have implemented some methods to thwart that approach. There is a good article on this over at Search Engine Land, and I’ll sum it up and add some of our insights.

  • Linking needs to look natural. If you have 2/3 of your links being an unrelated anchor tag, it isn’t going to work.
  • Linking needs to have some branding aspect. This is especially true after the recent October updates.
  • Linking should come naturally. It isn’t normal to go from 0 new links a day to 1000. Your link building efforts should happen organically, just like they would without your assistance.
  • Linking should be diverse. All your links can’t have the same anchor text and they can’t be from the same site(s). You need to keep it random and lively.
  • It’s our job to show Google how important our sites are. For any search engine optimization effort it’s important to consider many aspects of the game, and anchor text is among the most important factors. Be careful out there!