Humankind SEO teams up with Talk Radio’s ‘The Price of Business’

Humankind SEO is proud to announce its role in the creation of the news website The websites owner, Kevin Price, and Humankind SEO development director Chris Hudspeth reached the agreement late last week. (more…)

The recent Google changes…

There was a great blog post on SEO Blog today that covered the recent Google changes and how they impacted many sites out there. (more…)

Humankind SEO to speak at Marketing Advantage Seminar

Search engine optimist Chris Hudspeth is scheduled to speak at the Houston Business Marketing Advantage Seminar at the Bank of America building in Downtown Houston on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011. Representing Humankind SEO, Hudspeth will cover (more…)

The “Big Rocks” First (Part 1)

Sometimes, a task is so great, or of such importance, that you do not know where to begin. We all can find examples of this instance in everyday life, but especially in regards to SEO. (more…)

You Know You’re an Internet Marketer When

Our life as marketers isn’t all tough stuff. It’s not specifically SEO related, but I found this on the interwebs and got a good laugh… (more…)

Is Google on the Decline?

I recently read a great article over at techcrunch: Can Google Get its Mojo Back. (more…)

An interesting thing happened with Linklicious

As the dedicated readers of the Humankind blog, you know we do a lot of SEO work. And over time we’ve built up internal tools to help us streamline our optimization work. (more…)

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

What year end post would be better than coming up with a Top 10 list? And why not make it something interesting like common mistakes that many folks make when engaging in search engine optimization mistakes. So without delay, here’s the list… (more…)

What is Black Hat SEO?

When working on any search engine optimization project the question always comes up wondering if what we are doing is “white hat”, “black hat”, or somewhere in between. To understand the question it’s important to know what is “black hat”… (more…)

Twitter as SEO Ranking Tool

Over the past year the buzz over Twitter has hit an all time high. Everyone is using it so you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon too, right? I’m the first to openly mock posting what I’m eating for lunch or the traffic status of I45. But there can be a optimization angle for this that is attractive… (more…)

A Link is a Link…

At Humankind Web Placement we build lasting relationships with our clients. One such friend of Humankind Web Placement are the top notch Houston advertising specialists from Design at Work. (more…)

Dancing with Google is a Good Thing!

Many SEOs talk about the “Google Dance” and I figured it would be good to talk about these for a bit to clear up some confusion. (more…)

Humankind Web Placement to Participate in the 2010 Houston Business EXPO in December

The premier Houston SEO firm is closing out the year in GRAND FASHION! Humankind Web Placement has confirmed participation as an exhibitor in the 2010 Houston Business EXPO held at the fabulous Hyatt Regency Houston on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010. (more…)

What a good seminar!

We had our scheduled Houston Search Ranking seminar today and I have to say I was impressed! While it was smaller than usual, the skill level there was way above what we usually see. We had questions ranging from page rank sculpting and nofollow links all the way to how to gauge the ROI differences between PPC and natural search. (more…)

Search Engine Marketing Seminar in Houston

On Monday, November 8th, 2010, Humankind Web Placement will host the Houston Small Business Search Engine Ranking Seminar in Houston Texas. The Seminar will talk about everything related to SEO, and more importantly, what you as a small business can do to get your piece of the pie! (more…)

Google Local Search and Mobile Search

One of Google’s primary areas of focus is obviously search, and they have large teams dedicated to improving the search relevancy and speed. One of their admitted blind spots in the past has been local search, (more…)

Google Places Search Update (The Halloween Nightmare)

For those of us watching Google closely, we’ve seen them experiment with the local search changes for the past several months. Google has said that more than 20% of searches are local, so it only makes sense (more…)

Don’t spam links to your company site!

We signed on a client this week for a small engagement that will ultimately lead to a huge one once we prove this “web placement stuff works”. We’ve all heard that ranking a site in Google is possible, but many decision (more…)